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No matter the size of your development, we’ll provide you with an end-to-end targeted plan for the full length of your development from getting it off the ground and launched, right through to finding the right buyers and supporting buyers with their settlement.

  • Fully integrated visualisation, marketing and sales capability.
  • Single point of accountability for performance.
  • A personalised end-to-end customer journey experience.

A new vision for project marketing

Customer expectations are evolving. This requires a new approach. We understand the challenges faced in selling off-the-plan, which is why we’ve built a brand-new Performance-Based Model that combines proven experience with industry leading capability, and you only pay for the results!

This is an Australian first service offering where we invest into the development, taking on board the costs for marketing and selling the development. As the developer, you then pay based on success only

— project marketing and sales package —

Our hard work and commitment to the industry has been recognised with REIWA’s ‘#1 Project Marketing Sales’ awards.

Our results speak for themselves


Average sales per month.


Off the plan apartments sold.


Handovers to new owners.

What's included in our project marketing service

We offer a full end-to-end service and delivery approach, designed to drive results and led by experts in Perth off the plan property sales and marketing.

We 100% guarantee to obtain selling results.

$0 Upfront

Zero upfront costs for marketing and advertising


Multi-channel visualisation, marketing and sales package.


Multi-channel visualisation, marketing and sales package.

Data Driven

Data driven approach that is used to tailor the customer journey.​


Single point of accountability.


Reduced development timeline.​


Maximised price points.​


Commission based on individual sales program required for the project.

Buying a home is one of the most important purchases we make. Buyers want to deal with someone who understands their wants and needs.

Steve Jones

End-To-End Service Delivery Approach

At Jones Realty & Projects, we are driven to be the best at delivering results for our clients which means our team adopt a strategic approach in everything we do, backed by a full understanding around the intricacies of timing, market conditions, target market identification and local competition.

It’s only once we have disseminated all this information, can we begin the process of formulating a targeted promotion and sales plan. 


Our process:

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