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Ready to turn your project concept into a community?

No matter the size of your development, we’ll provide you with an end-to-end targeted plan for the full length of your development from getting it off the ground and launched, right through to finding the right buyers and supporting buyers with their settlement.

  • Fully integrated visualisation, marketing and sales capability.
  • Single point of accountability for performance.
  • A personalised end-to-end customer journey experience.

Our Approach

Nicole Jones
  • REIWA Awards 2022 Jones Realty & Projects
  • REIWA Awards 2022 Jones Realty & Projects
  • REIWA Awards 2022 Jones Realty & Projects
  • REIWA Awards 2022 Jones Realty & Projects
  • REIWA award - Grandmaster 2021
  • REIWA award - 10-15 million dollar club 2021
  • REIWA award - top sales person 2021
  • REIWA award - eight million dollar club 2021
  • REIWA award - top office 2021
  • REIWA award - top sales person 2020
  • REIWA award - top office 2019
  1. 5 Stars 50 Developments
    Sold/In Market
  2. 5 Stars $500,000,000
    in Project Sales
  3. 5 Stars 80,000 database
    of prospective buyers
  4. 5 Stars REIWA Sales &
    Marketing Award Winners
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— project marketing and sales package —

An Australian First Service Offering

A new vision for project marketing

Customer expectations are evolving. This requires a new approach. We understand the challenges faced in selling off-the-plan, which is why we’ve built a brand-new Performance-Based Model that combines proven experience with industry leading capability, and you only pay for the results!

This is an Australian first service offering where we invest into the development, taking on board the costs for marketing and selling the development. As the developer, you then pay based on success only.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Our full end-to-end service approach
  • Zero upfront costs for marketing and advertising.
  • Multi-channel visualisation, marketing and sales package.
  • State of the art technology and digital expertise.
  • Data driven approach that is used to tailor the customer journey.
  • Single point of accountability.
  • Reduced development timeline.
  • Maximised price points.
  • We 100% guarantee to obtain selling results.
  • Commission based on individual sales program required for the project.
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Steve Jones

“Buying a home is one of the most important purchases we make. Buyers want to deal with someone who understands their wants and needs.”

Steve Jones

End-To-End Service Delivery Approach

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Turning Your Project Concept into a Community

Our hard work and commitment to the industry has been recognised with REIWA’s ‘#1 Project Marketing Sales’ awards. At Jones Realty & Projects, we are driven to be the best at delivering results for our clients which means our team adopt a strategic approach in everything we do, backed by a full understanding around the intricacies of timing, market conditions, target market identification and local competition.

It’s only once we have disseminated all this information, can we begin the process of formulating a targeted promotion and sales plan. This involves:

  • Project & sales feasibility
  • Development site identification
  • Historical sales data reporting
  • Geographic analysis
  • Target market identification
  • Support in development approvals process.
  • Assistance with capital raising
  • Guidance with floorplan configurations
  • Preparation of sales contracts and legal documentation
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  1. 1


    Architectural and Marketing Visualisation

    • Fast, high value go-to- market strategies.
    • Project collateral – renders, photography, brochures, signage, pricelists, floorplans, videos, 3D walk-throughs, and virtual reality.
    • Brand strategy, style guide design and asset development.
    • Website design & development.
  2. 2


    Building Value & Awareness

    • Targeted digital marketing campaigns.
    • Targeted promotion on third party platforms including, Domain, Urban and REIWA.
    • Digital remarketing campaigns, to engage warm audiences.
    • Email marketing and automation, with access to a qualified and engaged buyer database.
    • Launch events and ongoing buyer events.
    • Direct campaigns through print, signage and radio.
  3. 3

    Finding Your Buyers

    Lead Generation & Nurturing

    • Needs – solution marketing campaign framework, to find buyers that are right for your development.
    • Carefully considered marketing campaigns that target buyers in their research, evaluation and decision-making stages.
    • Follow up marketing system to build relationships and provide buyer journey value.
    • Content marketing strategies to nurture buyers using market insights, key project updates and educational resources.
    • Ongoing refinement and expansion of digital marketing campaigns based on data analysis, trends and engagement.
    • Staged development releases, launches and buyer events.

    The Core Customer Journey

  4. 4

    The Selling Process

    Converting Prospects into Buyers

    • Dedicated project sales representative team.
    • Systematic follow up process from initial enquiry.
    • Display opens run on a schedule and by appointment 7 days a week.
    • An in-house residential selling team provide appraisal and sales assistance for downsizers and upgraders, to ensure a seamless transition and settlement of both properties.
    • Ongoing reporting and qualitative buyer feedback.
    • Development of concepts for buyer incentives.
    • Face to face inspections/appointments to ascertain buyer needs, in alignment with the project.
    • An in-house mortgage broker service for clients that require finance assistance.

    72% of customers expect brands to personalise engagement to their needs.

  5. Optimal Customer Experience

    Seamless Home Buying Experience

    • A client handover process with the Project Manager to finalise apartment selections.
    • Our client nurture team take care of the key handover and information packs post settlement.
    • Our client liaison team implement a tailored follow up communication plan, right through to settlement.

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