Your Investment Crash Course

an in-person consultation with our off-the-plan investment specialist, simon atkins

If you don’t feel you know enough to begin investing in the Perth property market and you would like some assistance, then an Investment Crash Course could be for you.

If you’d like to understand how to get started in investing and you’d like to gain the confidence to dip your toe into the Perth property market now, then book your Investment Crash Course with Simon today!

What’s in it for you?

This Crash Course is a one-on-one session with Simon and has been tailored for first-time property investors who are looking for guidance at the beginning of their investment journey. 

During this consultation, Simon will walk you through the steps he took to amass his portfolio, arming you with the right knowledge to eventually build your own portfolio if this is something you’d like to achieve.

Based on your own circumstances and investment property examples, Simon will tailor this consultation to teach you how to make property investing work for your own personal goals and arm you to get started as soon as you can.

To get started, complete the form below and Simon will be in contact with you to discuss next steps to qualifying for an Investment Crash Course.

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I’m Simon Atkins, your property investment mentor

The single most important way to be successful in off-the-plan property investing is being clear on what you’re trying to achieve and timing when you make a move!

For Simon, having a clear outcome in mind and being in the market when it counted enabled him to benefit from the last Major Growth Cycle and increasing his property portfolio net worth by over $900k in just one of those years, amassing over $300k of tax credits while interest rates were much higher than we’re seeing today.

His strategies and learnings allowed him to remain in the property market for almost 30 years while being able to mentor first time property investors, teaching them the fundamentals on how to use property to achieve their financial goals, as well as the mistakes to avoid.

Now that Perth is heading into its next major growth cycle, Simon is sharing timely knowledge to help you benefit the same way he did in the previous Major Growth Cycle.

You’ll be learning from an expert that has been out there doing it longer than most and because of this, he’ll be avoiding all the fluff and filler getting down to the brass tacks showing you exactly how property investing works and how you can apply the process to an off-the-plan investing strategy.

Simon Atkins
Property Investment Specialist, Jones Realty & Projects